Based on the continuous meetings held by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs with the aim of integrating new educational topics into the school's year schedule, the Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mrs. Sophia Zacharaki met today with the Founder and President of Safe Water Sports, Mr. Panagiotis Paschalakis and the Marketing & PR Manager of the Organization, Ms. Eliza Karabetian-Nikotian.

The Organization's representatives presented to the Deputy Minister the educational program named ''Check-Learn-Care'' which aims to strengthen safety rules in the sea and in water sports, addresses elementary and high- school students and it is usually performed during March-June. The educational program  includes presentation of safety guidelines, educational videos, interactive digital media in order to make the presentation more attractive to students etc. In 2018, the educational program informed 40,000 students in Greece.

Mrs. Zacharaki highlighted the importance of informing students about water safety, since Greece extends to a long coastline, but also, since the continuous increase in drownings and sea-based accidents every year. Finally, she emphasized the intention of the Ministry to enrich the school's content with new themes throughout the year, in order to provide students with necessary modern skills.