The training program of the Non-Profit Organization, Safe Water Sports that addresses primarily to Primary School students, has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, as it meets the scientific and pedagogical specifications.


On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12.30 pm, the sign of the Cooperation Memorandum was accomplished between the Cyprus Police and the Non-Governmental Organization "Safe Water Sports" at the Offices of the Port and Maritime Police Administration in Limassol. The Memorandum was signed by the Assistant Head of Support, Andreas Koussioumis and the President of the Non-Governmental Organization "Safe Water Sports", Mr. Panagiotis Paschalakis, in the presence of the Commander of the Port and Maritime Police, Senior Police Officer, Ioannis Georgiou and the Deputy Governors of the Port and Maritime Police.

The presence of the Organization was intense, with great interest from the public and with increased awareness after 2 years of operation. Our team of volunteers presented Safe Water Sports initiatives aiming to prevent accidents at sea and in the water and to enhance safety.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Deputy National Defense Minister (ANYETHA) Dimitris Vitsas attended Safe Water Sports presentation of its educational program for the safety as sea and watersports, at the Seafarers Officer's Resort at the Southern Euboea Marine Base in Agia Marina, Attica. The event was organized by the Ministry of Defence and the Hellenic Navy.

Safe Water Sports signboards are now a prominent feature of Mykonos and Saronicos beaches. These signs are offering warnings, safety instructions for swimming and watersports as well as general informations regarding each beach.

Congratulations to the Municipalities of Saronikos and Mykonos and the mayors, Georgios Sofronis and Konstantinos Koukas respectively, for theis decision to install Safe Water Sports signboards.

 We hope that very soon our signboards will be placed to all coastal cities and islands of Greece.

On Sunday, August 13, 2017, at Kalo Livadi beach in Mykonos, the inauguration of our first informational and entertainment kiosk for kids was held with the presence of the island's inhabitants, the political leadership of the country and representatives of the Coast Guard.

Safe Water Sports's partnership with TUV Austria Hellas is progressing rapidly, increasing the number of licensed certified water sports centers with the private certification protocol, "Water Sports Certified Quality".

The following watersports centers have been already certified:

  • Mykonos Watersports at Kalafati Beach in Mykonos,
  • Platis Gialos Water Sports in Mykonos, Mykonos Palace Hotel,
  • Santa Maria Water in Paros,
  • Plaka watersports on Plaka beach in Naxos,
  • Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni (Trovas O.E. hosted in the nautical club)
  • Kea Watersports in Kea island
  • Costa Navarino Hotel (2 watersports centers)
  • Umbrellas Water Sports Pefkoxori Chalkidiki 

During the current school year, the educational program "PAY ATTENTION – LEARN – CARE” aiming to educate students on safety issues at the sea and the water related activities, was presented to more than 35,000 pupils and 350 schools throughout Greece (in all regions). The Hellenic Coast Guard is making its contribution to this effort, assigning officers employed at the country’s 167 port authorities, which will assume the role of the teacher-presenter, with Safe Water Sports providing suitable educational materials for capturing the attention of the children. The educational cmaterial was developed with the donation of Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The opening of the exhibition took place on 15/06/2017 at the "HELLAS LIBERTY" floating museum at the port of Piraeus as the culmination of the specially designed children's educational program titled "Pay attention- Learn - Care", the object of which is the prevention of accidents at sea.
Hellenic Coast Guard and Safe Water Sports were the organizers of the exhibition.
Mr. Kourouplis stressed the importance of prevention, saying that "it is the greatest revolutionary intervention in human life. You can anticipate events dramatically, catastrophically, catalytically but also upgrading the quality of your life by preventing it. " He stressed the usefulness of such information initiatives, especially for young children. Mr. Kourouplis congratulated the Ministry of Port Police Directorate on the idea and implementation of the initiative through which primary and secondary school children were informed about the dangers at sea and the beach and how to avoid accidents

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Three spots will be enjoyed this year for the new Safe Water Sports campaign.

Spyros Gianiotios, a 10-km-long Olympian Olympic swimmer and Safe Water Sports ambassador, is sharing his own safe bathing guide through a short autobiographical narrative. With compass the blue of the Aegean and his will to always see our flag high up on the top.

The National Synchronized Swimming Group, Evangelia Plataniotis, Evelina Papazoglou, Sofia Malkogeorgou and Athanasia Tsola, embrace Safe Water Sports and all of Greece together. Through an autobiographical narrative, the gorgeous girls of Ethniki, honoring our precious emblem, give lessons of power, will, attachment and love.

Thodoris Atheridis and Smaragda Karydis star with the hero "Octopus Safe" who speaks with the voice of Konstantinos Markoulakis at the new spot of Safe Water Sports ... !!!

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Safe Water Sports press conference was held successfully in the Greek Olympic Committee with the presence of many famous Olympic Athletes, NGO's ambassadors, aiming at presenting the Organization's initiatives to prevent accidents and enhance safety at sea and water sports.
Beside the president of Safe Water Sports, Dr. P. Passchalakis, speakers in this press conference were also the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Mr Capralos, the Second Deputy Chief of the Port Authority - Vice Admiral Panayiotis Paraskevas, and the member of the Greek parliament, Ms Olga Kefalogiannis and Mr. Vasilis Kikilias.


With great pleasure and honor, Safe Water Sports shares the decision of Stavros Niarchos Foundation to support with a donation, the funding for the next two years, of all our initiatives included in the educational programm "NOTICE-LEARN-CARE" that we implement in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard.

We thank the Foundation because it gives us the opportunity to to pursue our vision regarding education and awareness of students in every school across the country. Knowledge is power, and the enhancment of safety at sea and the watersports as well as the prevention of accidents goes through the systematic awareness of the new generation which is the future of Greece.

The donation of Stavros Niarchos Foundation is a vindication of our efforts since establishment but also a responsibility to continue our work with greater determination for the benefit of society.

To learn more about our plans stay connected.

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At the start of cooperation KEDE with the non - profit organization Safe Water Sports, sealed today President of KEDE George Patoulis and Dr . P . Paschalakis, President of Safe Water Sports, presenting,at a press conference,the online platform of Safe Water Sports for public safety at sea and marine sports.
The press conference was also attended by GeneralSecretary  of the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises ( SETE ) and  Rear Admiral P . Paraskevas .

In particular,this application is an initiative under the auspices of KEDE,following a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors and aims to enhance the public confidence in the Greek beaches . It will provide specific information on the services provided in public hospitals and health centers throughout the country and contribute to attracting tourists and investment .

Mr. Patoulis in his speech called this place a very " innovative initiative " and congratulated the Safe Water Sports and the Coast Guard for their cooperation,noting that if used effectively by those responsible for our country's institutions will contribute to the upgrading of the basic our national product,which is our tourism .
Specifically stated that some of the qualities of our tourist product are:
- Enhance the feeling of safety of our tourists, who use a range of leisure and entertainment services,
- The provision of accurate and timely information on our beaches,
- The ability of citizens to have through the mobile access to specific information about their accessibility to the provided health services in public hospitals and health centers throughout the country.
At the same time he explained the KEDE embraced this effort, stressing that, "As KEDE really believe that should in principle encourage and support private initiatives that do not depend on state funding.
It is our duty to support efforts that contribute to a better image Greece has abroad . "
Mr. Patoulis noted that the contribution of the municipalities will move in two main axes :
- Contribution to the enrichment of the platform with useful information
- Dissemination services platform for residents and tourists
In addition,citing statistics that indicate that,at European level,every year 50 000 European citizens injured by participating in water sports or activities by vessels and that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in more than 5,000 deaths a year,He pointed out that this application offers valuable services to millions of tourists .
Introducing the platform,President of Safe Water Sports, P . Paschalakis spoke of a " gigantic task " in the effort to record water sports businesses and coding of security rules . Citing statistics European items marked our country in a very bad position in accident prevention level,appealed to citizens to exploit the potential of the platform,thus helping to spread the safety message and accessibility to valuable services .
In his address, Mr. Vernikos SETE stressed that from the outset faced with enthusiasm this initiative and added that the use of the application by Greece acquires a comparative advantage in increasing the tourist product.
Mr. Paraskevas featured this application very useful and noted that cooperation with the Safe Water Sports will continue, with the common goal of protecting human life . Concluding his intervention pointed out that care should be taken in order to have lifeguards on all beaches and authorization procedures accelerated water sports business .

The first official presentation of the new book of the author Mr. Vangelis Iliopoulos, with illustrations of Ms. Vily Karabatzia,  entitled "The Xtapodios Safe and three Thalassofilakes" (editor PARAKIS), took place on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, with great success. 

The event that was organized by the non-profit organization Safe Water Sports, in the Alumni Association building of Athens College (SAKA) was attended by more than 150 people and children of all ages.
It was an amazing evening, dedicated to children, book and safety, with children beign the actors. 
During the event the children's choir of the City of Athens College sang "Water is fine," the lyrics of which was written by Vangelis Iliopoulos and music music teacher Ms. Despina Sogioul.
Excerpts from the book was read by students, under the direction of Ms. A. Gkirngkinoudi.
Speakers at the event were the Dr. Paschalakis, president of Safe Water Sports, who presented the initiatives of Safe Water Sports for the education of children regarding safety in sea and watersports and the author Mr. Vangelis Iliopoulos.

The Floating Museum "Neraida", which is sponsored by Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, supports Safe Water Sports's initiative in order to create a modern, aesthetically educational audiovisual material for students in schools throughout the country.

Safe Water Sports campaign..

We thank Eleni Petroulaki for her participation. 

We thank the photographer Maria Chtzaiioanidou and the Director-Photographer Michail Mavromoustako.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to "Island Bar-Restaurant" for giving us access to their private beach, and to everyone who supported us throughout our campaign.

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