We would like to thank all our supporters, sponsors, friends and volunteers for their continued commitment to our initiative during 2015.

Their support for the campaign is enabling us to create greater awareness and raise the issue of safety in water-related sports and activities.
Without your help and support, our mission wouldn't be possible!

Together, we make great things happen.

Safe Water Sports, the non-profit organization, completed the first six months from the official start of its operations, with a brief reference to the actions and initiatives that were implemented in 2015.

The main objectives achieved are:

Safe Water Sports, in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard, recorded 2,770 beaches which are accessible by land, with information such as the name and geographical coordinates. The database created will be enriched with photographs and other safety features (eg. Water depth, type of beach, orientation, etc.).

This initiative is part of our actions aiming to strangthen the swimming with safety and of our strategy to promote the Greek coast as an important part of the country's tourism product.

Safe Water Sports in cooperation with the Hellenic Coast Guard recorded all the Greek beaches that under the law must have a lifeguard.

Now you can enjoy swiming in the sea safely.

Visit Safe Water Sports and be informed which beach near you has a lifeguard. Just enter our web site or use our mobile application to find this information easily and quickly.

For the first time in Greece, Safe Water Spprts in cooperation with the Coast Guard recorded ALL the watersports centers that operate with a legal license issued by Greek Authorities.
Today we can confidently inform citizens if a watersports center that operates in a Greek beach is legal or not.
All you need is to enter the web site or use Safe Water Sports app in iOS / Android and see instantly and easily if the watersport center near you has the proper license issued by the Coast Guard as well as the water sports and recreation which can legally rent.
In the web page of the watersports center in Safe Water Sports you can also find out what the person who is responsible by the law and the Port Authority that supervise the specific watersports center.


The new video spot message lasting about one minute, viewed from today on passenger ships of Greek coastal shipping (immediate after the video with safety rules) which urges passengers to be inform from the website (www.safewatersports.gr) and / or the iOS / Android applications on on all matters related to safety in water sports and water recreation.

We would like to thank the TV Stations ANT1, MEGA, ERT, SKAI, and STAR for broadcasting the spot with the social message of Safe Water Sports initiative.
The spot will be broadcasted as an advertisement in all the above TV channels throughout the day.


We would like to thank Cinenews.gr for the promotion and the dissemination of the spot, which containts the social message of the Safe Water Sports initiative, on 36 open air cinemas in Athens, Thessaloniki and Attiki.

The spot will be presented as a commercial ad, before the beggining of the movie, in the open air cinemas listed below, for the month of August.

We would like to thank Aegean Airlines for their support in Safe Water Sports.
In the last issue of Blue magazine (July-August 2015) which is available on all domestic and international flights, Aegean has included, as sponsor, Safe Water Sports advertisement for summer 2015 (Page 131).

In the following link you can browse the online magazine (only for PC).


The launching press conference of the new established non-profit organization "Safe Water Sports" was helo on Monday, June 15, 2015 for journalists, reporters and media representatives.

On behfl of the organization key speakers of the event were Mr. Panagiotis-Michael Paschalakis (Chairman) and Mr. Apostlolis Kagelaris (Vice President), who presented the goals and vision of the initiative.

Ambassadors and speakers at the event was the gold medalist Nikos Kaklamanakis and the World Champion in water skiing, George Hatzis. In the panel also participated the famous Greek lawyer Mr. Alexander Lykourezos who referred to the need to modernize the existing legislation.