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What’s offered to our citizens?

Safe Water Sports offers the following services to our citizens, residents and visitors:

  1. Information regarding the safety rules and conditions for water sports and recreational activities that must be adhered to. The Twelve Safety Measures Handbook is available for you to read and familiarize yourself with the basic rules and requirements that businesses, which lease recreational water equipment, must follow for your safety in addition to practical tips on specific sports (ex. water skis, tubing, kite surfs, etc.).
  2. Information regarding the local businesses available for the type of water sport or activity you are interested in. Consult our directory for helpful information such as the availability of licenses, the types of water activities authorized per business listed, the safety representatives and other pertinent information.
  3. Information regarding swimmers and safety of beach or sea areas that you are interested in. Details such as the availability if lifeguards, and other safety information such as depths (shallow or deep waters), currents, winds, type of coasts, etc.
  4. Information regarding ratings and customer feedback for each business listed so that you can make informed selections and decisions prior to setting out on your next water activity.

Safe Water Sports offers an online platform that incorporates a web site and mobile applications so that content can be easily accessible from any location.
Download our applications depending on you’re your device (iOS, Android) or by visiting our website and discover the world of aquatics, sports and activities, under the realm of safety, which the Safe Water Sports organization alone can offer.

What we expect from our citizens?

The active participation and support for our Safe Water Sport initiative is the best way to positively ensure and achieve our goal, which is, non other, than the enhancement of safety rules and standards surrounding all aquatic sports and activities.

Always remember, each and every time you or your children participate in some water sport or activity, to rate (1-5 stars) and provide your detailed feedback regarding the business and services offered to you. Your opinion has the power to assist businesses in identifying areas of improvement while promoting safety in our world. Be honest, but do not hesitate to be strict, your constructive opinions will only help to better our businesses. Most importantly provide positive feedback by rewarding those businesses that offered you an unforgettable experience while respecting your safety. Such input will give others the opportunity to safely select and enjoy the same experiences you too appreciated.

Your opinions matter, they have the power to influence, to make a difference and ultimately change our world, offering a brighter future to our children for which we can all be proud of.