Safe Water Sports is a non-profit organization established in June 2015 with the following primary scope:
- the information and sensitization of citizens (both Greek and foreign visitors) on all matters relating to both water and sea activities (sports and recreation), emphasizing on safety and accident-prevention issues.
- the implementation of actions in collaboration with the Private and Public sector aiming at the enhancement of the broader institutional framework governing safety issues in our country.
- the education - information of children at schools, with the aim to shape a new culture regarding dealing with the sea and the activities related to it.

Some of our most important actions have been implemented:

  • Safe Water Sports developed an electronic platform for public awareness which is available online via our website but mainly via mobile phone applications (apps) which are available for free. Through this platform, which is available in both Greek and English, citizens can easily, with the press of a button, get informed about:
    - ALL and STRICTLY the licensed water sports rental agencies (water ski, scuba diving, tubes, kite surf, etc.) that operate in Greece
    - The 3.000+ accessible beaches, that we have mapped in cooperation with the Port Authorities in terms of being appropriate for swimming and providing all the safety features (i.e if there is a lifeguard, deep/shallow water, the type of the beach - e.g. sandy, rocky etc., -the length of the beach, if it is organized with sunbeds and beach umbrellas, if it provides access to PWD, public health services, park
    ing, etc.), an indicative photo, their map location as well as other useful information
    - All hospitals and health centers and full contact details
    - The Port Authorities throughout the country and contact details The marines and in general all the mooring places and the services provided there
    - The boat rental agencies leasing all types of vessels for recreation
    - The applicable safety regulations (legislation) for water sports and water activities
    - The weather at the water sports sites
    - Many other information that are directly or indirectly connected with sea and water activities.
    Moreover, using their mobile phones and the Safe Water Sports app the public can:

-Report any kind of misconduct or illegal activity at sea that comes to their knowledge and puts public safety and well-being in danger, as well as use our e-platform to notify the Port Authorities in order to intervene when necessary
- Rate and Comment (rate & comment) a water sports - recreation rental agency and, by doing so, reward the best agencies and help the averagely performing agencies to improve and offer better and safer services to the public.

Safe Water Sports has provided to the Port Authorities, at absolutely no cost for the Greek State, an Integrated Pan-Hellenic Control & Inspection Information System regarding a broad range of water activities. Through this system, which operates in all Port Authorities of the country and their Central Command (Ministry - Port Authority’s Headquarters) it is possible to manage on line, real time:
- All licenses that authorize water sports rental agencies in Greece
- The availability by the Municipal Services of lifeguards at the beaches where their presence is mandatory.
- At-sea (using the port authority’s sea vehicles) or shore-side controls and inspections.
- Any violations and fines imposed.
- The efficiency of the port authorities and the potential control deficiencies all over the country.
All these in a direct (real-time) and transparent way, without any kind of communication or document exchange between the Central Command and the regional port authorities.

  • In collaboration with the Hellenic Coast Guard - Directorate of PortB Police, and the Ministry of Education, we designed an extended educational program - to inform students at schools throughout the country - titled CHECK - LEARN - CARE. This training that has as its main subject the presentation of safety rules at sea and water sports, is primarily addressed Primary and Junior High School students and it is carried out during the spring semester of the school year (March till July) throughout Greeceι "CHECK - LEARN - CARE".
  • In collaboration with the internationally accredited certification organization TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, we created a Compliance Control and Quality Mark Private Protocol for water sports rental agencies regarding safety
  • In collaboration with the Hellenic Coastguard we have prepared the 12 Commandments on Safety that include the basic guidelines that all of us should be aware of and follow when participating in water sports.
  • Awareness campaign launched on social media (58K+ followers), television, selected cinemas, ships offering ferry services as well as on screens located at restaurants, hospitals or public spaces. 
  • Leaflet dissemination and video presentation in many ships travelling to all Greek islands and other places in the country. 
  • Awareness campaign on safety issues druing special public events and in the summer at many beaches.   

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