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One of our Organization main initiatives to get closer and inform children ,young people and adults is the design and creation of an innovative information and educational center. This innovative informational Safe Waters Sports Kiosk has been developed in a number of beaches with waters sports activities and also in public space. Our plan is to develop a large number of this informative Kiosks and reach the most of our beaches.
This informative Kiosk aims to educate and inform children of all ages, through games and entertainment, on all issues related to the protection of the environment, safety on the beach and the sea, safety at the water sports and recreational activities.
Our innovative entertainment and information program was designed by educators, psychologists, teachers and graphic designers, all volunteers of Safe Water Sports and includes activities such as:

• Educational activities , using Safe Water Sports application and tablets, to help children learn about safety rules,
• painting with our childhood hero "Octopus Safe"
• Creating bracelets and other constructions with our logo,
• Targeting games, balance games, and speed games,
• board game on maritime safety,
• a memory game based on the 'Signs and Code of Maritime Behavior'
• story-cubes, for young children, with which they make stories using key words from images related to the sea, their sports and their safety,
• Beach recreation with water sports and other miniature activities using Playmobil figures
• "music cushions" and more.

Our information center has as instructors school teachers, lifeguards and water sports athletes and operate daily (from 11.00 to 19.00)
The Safe Water Sports Beach Kiosk has been designed to be easily set up on beaches as it is a simple construction and portable and it takes a few minutes to set it up. The space we need to set up a Safe Waters Sports Kiosk at the beach is just 10 square meters and also provides enough shading space for the children and adults taking part at the activities.

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