1. Article 2 (Interpretation) of the Protection of Swimmers at sea - Laws of 1968 and 1986 - Law 72/1968 and Law 12/1986:

"Boat" means any motor or sailing vessel and includes a surfboard, a sea bike, a canoe, a sea scooter and any other floating means capable of putting in danger the safety of swimmers at sea as well as trailers under them;

2. Its use and entrance to the sea is prohibited in a bathing area.

Article 4 (1) Prohibition of transit through the areas:
4 .- (1) The declaration of the area shall be prohibited when it
(a) passes through it
(b) is docked or parked therein

3. It is prohibited to be attached to buoys that mark the bathing areas.

Article 4 (B) It is prohibited when:

4B. Any person who attaches any impure or other object to any buoy within the sea through which the area is designated, or interferes in any way with such buoy, then he is guilty of a criminal offense.