1. Is prohibited for individuals unable to swim properly and when the following minimum age requirements are not met, for canoeing minimum of fiffteen (15) years of age, for kayaking a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age. In the case of canoe use, the minor must be visually supervised by the lessor or the person who is in charge by the lessor thereof up to one hundred (100) meters from the coastline. If the minor is not accompanied by an adult, then only the lessor or another person associated with him and the water sport center, shall accompany the minor within the distance of one hundred (100) meters or more from the coastline.

2. Is prohibited when distances from the shoreline are greater than five hundred (500) meters.

3. Is prohibited during adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours. On each occasion, based on the General Port Regulation No 20 (B 444 / 26-4-1999), the use of novel recreational activities, which have been or will be approved in accordance with the applicable provisions, is prohibited when the Beaufort wind measures more than five (5) and when visibility is limited.

4. Is prohibited in cases where the number of individuals surpasses the number specified by the manufacturer for the specific model and type. Individuals or paddlers must be equipped with Personal Floatation devices.

5. Paddlers must exercise proper care and caution so as to avoid disturbing swimmers in the area.