1. Is prohibited to individuals younger than sixteen (16) years of age and who cannot swim properly. For minors, individuals under the minimum age, the parents or guardians maintain responsibility, must provide parental consent, in addition to confirming the minors ability to swim properly.

2. Is prohibited during adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours.

3. Are required to wear a specially designed Personal Floatation Device (PFD) e.g. lifejacket

4. Windsurfing is prohibited when distances are less than Two Hundred (200) meters from the customary locations accessed and frequented by swimmers when at coastlines where floating buoys are not evident. When at beaches where floating buoys are mandatory, windsurfing is allowed beyond such markers.

5. When launching or returning to shore, proper care and caution is exercised by the windsurfer so as to avoid disturbing swimmers in the area.